It's very hard this loneliness,

I sometimes sit and cry

Are there no matches for my love,

will someone tell me why?

I've always seen the good in others

but I never felt true worth

And there were many times I cried,

for others on this earth

I have my friends and families love

but my need seems greater than this

I need to find my soulmate

for that intimate hug and kiss                                                                            

I need to see those loving eyes

that see my soul laid bare

And find that place where dreams come true

and all we have we share

I felt like giving up today,

that life was just a joke

I was drowning in my own despair,

it was then the spirit spoke

'I saw you looking in the mirror

with sadness and rejection

You thought the years had not been kind,

but I could see perfection'

'You thought your life was meaningless,

and your climb would not set you free

Yet you've overcome all the obstacles

and the mountain you've climbed was to me'

Now gaze into the mirror and see past those eyes

to the place where most people hide

Hold your head high and let your love shine

and others will come to your side

Your soul mate is the same as you,

their worth they cannot see

Give some love back to yourself

and be all that you can be

Those who love do not take

and they will never leave

They always put your happiness first,

for in love they do believe
If you have heard what I have said

and know that it is true

Hide no more in that lonely place,

Your soul mate waits for you....

Aditya Prakash

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  1. Aman Kumar Says:

    Cry..Cry..n..Cry..But Bhai, ''Hope Must Never Die". . .

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